Without you 

here, beside me, motions and motionless, moving and still 

unmoved, the stars

would shine down as stars are bent on doing, shining thinly and unnoticed by the uncensored

mind raging without voice.

Yesterday I held on to you, whatever happens tomorrow 

will not take that from me.  But. 

There would still be clouds, and storms and rains, 

falling on a dry and unmoved woman, who would stand away with memories for company, 

memories, and a dry hollow of unmoisted tears.

Without you, far off beside myself in a haunted rage, I would stand and walk, 

but be unmoved. I would sing, tuneless and without melody.  There would be stars and sun and a moon

and they would pass me by, unnoticed, as I would move only through reminiscence 

and dawn would come and go, and I would, only be rage and hollow and memory

and rage

and hollow

and memory. 


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