Twas the Day Before Christmas

T’was the day before Christmas, and I wasn’t ready,

With so much left to do, my heart feeling heavy,

Cookies unmade in the cupboards awaiting

Mixing and cutting and shaping and baking

And the stockings unhung lying by the fireplace

In hopes that toys and candies would give them their shape

Maybe magically they’ll hang themselves on the mantle above

After all isn’t magic what Christmas is made of?

And the shopping not quite finished, I’m not sure what’s the reason,

Anxiety and depression the feels this whole season?


This year’s been a doozie with losses and pains

And tragedies and tribulations the recurring refrain

And yet it is Christmas, and I have much to celebrate

My wife is amaze-balls, our children are great!

And we have a nice house, the best possible friends

We are blessed to have between us a love without end

And the boys are excited to soon be decorating

The “Ninjabread Cookies” we soon will be baking

And while they’re psyched about  getting their presents and toys,

They’re happy because they’re unconditionally loved boys

And I have to remember with all that’s undone,

Enough’s been accomplished its gonna be fun

And though my wish for perfection won’t be coming true,

Our holiday will be special and yours will be, too.

For it’s not about presents or shopping or lights,

Not about fruitcakes, or getting it all right,

No, it’s not about presents or shopping or lights

So if everything’s not perfectly right

Its still gonna be the best Christmas Eve night,

And before I go set to make gingerbread dough

at the very last minute, I want you all to know,

No matter what  you’ve missed

In your Christmas to-do list

If you have love in your life, its going to be ok

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good day!








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